The idea is to provide a platform for up & coming writers to showcase their alternative take on modern concepts in the topics of Earth / Travel, Music, and Football.

We started with Pritish Srivastav who is a skilled Professional & licensed football coach with 6 years of practical knowledge in sports business management. With an MBA in ‘Football Industries’ from the University of Liverpool, UK and work experience with FIFA, FC Pune City, and major sporting organisations in the country, he has a lot to contribute to the Football section. He is also an avid traveller and has an alternative taste in music.

The latest addition to the arsenal is Yash Joshi. He is a fresher coming right out of a cutthroat competitive engineering college – NIT Surat. Despite being bogged down by daily work, he finds time to write about where his heart is at, Football. His main interests include writing about the financial side of football and the marketing models various clubs deploy. His style of writing, passion and love for the sport are something that Pritish and he have in common, and they embark on this journey together.

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